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hello peeps ! welcome to super awesome. this blog owned by Nadzirah and Fatihah . Kalau tak suka sila pergi ke dunia lain :D



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About Love

Once u give hope a lot.. After she began his love u should u KEEPING.. Do u ever juz leave it.. Because she will be hurt by de memories with u n may NOT FORGET everthing as long as she can remember u..
Similarly , if u have one , improvise ACCEPT.. Do u too admire n do not consider it so special. suppose she is human. If all she does is not easy ERRORS for u to accept.. Ultimately leave u disappointed. Meanwhile , if u can forgive him so u will DIRECTLY related to de end..
Similarly , if u have met with a man.. Which would bring benefits to u. Love u.. Love u.. Y do u linger , trying to compare it with others. Too pursuit of perfection. Soon , u will be lost when he became the property of other , u also will regret.